On its metric track, the trinighellu crosses plains and mountains in "violent contrasts where meet without ever mingling the most beautiful landscapes of the world".

From Bastia, the train wavers, clinging to the rock faces, crossing several mountains, sometimes buried several kilometers underground, it crosses some torrents, meets in passing "the veil of the bride", magnificent waterfall which overhangs the line, it accompany the river to the tropical atmosphere of the Gulf of Ajaccio. Courageous, he fears neither storm nor snow nor ice and accepts ramps of 30 mm/m.

On the line of the Balagne, the landscape is more picturesque, the train crosses by successive leaps, ravine ravine, the desert of the valley of Navaccia.

Between Île-Rousse and Calvi, the train of beaches runs along the sea and passes creeks in caps, serving marine and campgrounds.