Schedules are usually available 10 days before each new service.
Reservations are only for groups of 10 people or more from the Commercial Center of the Railways of Corsica, for the others, tickets can be bought the day of departure.
Train tickets can be bought in stations as well as trains, except for suburban coupons that can only be bought at railway stations.

Bicycles are accepted on condition that they are dismantled, folded and stored in a transport bag (120 x 90 cm maximum). The cost of transport will be invoiced at €15 when you purchase your ticket.

Kayaks and sailboards are not accepted on trains.

1st and 2nd category dogs are not allowed on trains. Other dogs must be muzzled throughout the journey, and their owners must pay a half-fare ticket. Small animals may travel free of charge in a container.
Luggage room are available at the counters of the stations, the price is 5 € by deposit and by day. Be careful, when the vigipirate plan is activated, no luggages are accepted.

The closest stop to Bastia Poretta airport is Lucciana, which is about 3.3 km from the airport. Casamozza station is about 5.8 km from the airport. A shuttle service is available to get to Bastia train station, more information at +33 4 95 31 06 65.

The closest stop to Campo D'ell'oro airport is Ricanto, which is 2 km from the airport. A shuttle station - Airport runs every hour from 5 am to 10 am and then every half hour from 10 am to 8 pm and finally every hour from 8 pm to 11 pm, more info here.

The closest stops to Calvi Sainte-Catherine airport are Calvi L'Alzeta Suprana (4km) and U Ponte Bambinu (4.5km). The taxi to get to Calvi train station costs around 20 €.

The trains are all equipped with WC. The AMGs are equipped with WC for PMR.

It is quite possible to stop at a station, visit the city and take a next train to get to your destination (except in the suburban of Bastia, Ajaccio and Balagne).

It is not possible to buy a ticket online, the train ticket can only be bought at train stations or trains. With regard to suburban coupons, they can only be bought at railway stations.
Access on board trains, access to the WC and the stop request button is provided for PRM.
The seats are not numbered, you can place where you want on board trains, if you can not find a seat, you can still travel upright.
The train runs all year round, including public holidays.