The essential

The suburban train of Balagne, composed of three sections, is subject to special pricing.

The sections are :

  1. Ile Rousse - Marine de Davia's section
  2. Marine de Davia - Camp Raffalli (GR20)'s section
  3. Camp Raffalli (GR20) - Calvi's section

Single ticket

The ticket is delivered in the stations of Ile-Rousse and Calvi as well as in the suburban trains of Balagne.

For children from 4 to 12 years, the rate for 1 or 2 sections is 2 € and 3 € for 3 sections.

For adults, the rate for a section is 2 €, the rate for two sections is 4 € and the rate for three sections is 6 €.
Example: if you go from Calvi to Camp Raffalli (GR20), the fare will be € 2, if you go from Ile-Rousse to Sainte-Restitude, the fare will be € 4 (Sainte-Restitude being further than Marine de Davia), if you go from Calvi to Ile-Rousse, the fare will be 6 € as you go through all three sections.

The Coupon 10 boxes

The coupon of 10 boxes, valid only for Corsican residents, is priced at 10 €. It is deliver only in the stations of Calvi and Ile-Rousse. Each box is valid for a section.