The essential

The work subscription allows you to move freely for one month (example: from the 5th of the current month to the 4th of the following month), from his place of residence to the station serving his work places.

To obtain his work subscription, the user must hold a subscriber card (valid for one year), issued free of charge by the Railways of Corsica. To acquire this card, "the worker" must complete his request by clicking on the link below.

In possession of this card, the subscriber will have to pay the amount of his subscription corresponding to the journey to be made (see price below).


Complete the transport card request

Work subscription rate

The work subscription is calculated according to the number of zones that you will go through (see below the division of zones).

  • ptu of Bastia (Bastia - Biguglia) : 40 €
  • 1 zone (excluding PTU of Bastia) : 55 €
  • 2 zones and more : 86 €

Example: If you live in Borgo and you work in Bastia, the price will be 55 € (1 zone), if you live in Corte and you work in Ajaccio, your rate will be 86 € (2 zone).

40 € per month
  • Bastia    Bigiglia
55 € per month
  • Bastia    Ponte Leccia
  • Ponte Leccia    Tattone
  • Ponte Leccia    Calvi
  • Ajaccio    Tattone
86 € per month
  • Bastia    Tattone
  • Bastia    Ajaccio
  • Bastia    Calvi
  • Calvi    Tattone
  • Ajaccio    Calvi